Engine Timing Belt/Chain/Cambelt Replacement Peterborough

Timing Belt Replacement at HBMAt HBM Motor Garage, we have been repairing all forms of car engines and replacing timing belts/chains in Peterborough for years.

Our professionals have exclusively built up in-depth expertise in all facets of car engine timing. Our quality is in BMW, Audi, VW, Seat and other VAG group engines and we have also established specific experience in various performance engines.

Vehicles require timing belts/cambelts replaced at different times depending on make and model. We can replace/repair any timing belt in our Peterborough garage but it’s worth consulting your service book to find out when to replace the timing belt for your vehicle.

We specialise in fitting new cambelts in Peterborough for VAG group vehicles but can help with any vehicle make. Often your timing belt will need replacement every 5 – 10 years or 50,000-150,000 miles. Some vehicles such as BMWs having timing chains that should last the lifetime of the vehicle. However there can always be unexpected problems, and we specialise in BMW timing chain replacement as this became a notorious issue for some BMW engines.

Book Your Car for Cambelt/Timing Belt Replacement or Repairs in Peterborough

Let us know your car make, model by filling in the form below. We offer same-day cambelt/timing belt replacement at our garage in Fengate, Peterborough.

    When do I need to have my Timing Belt changed

    Check your log or service book for information on when you are meant to change your cambelt. It’s usually required after a certain amount of mileage or time has passed.
    If unsure just call our Peterborough garage on 01733 512240 and discuss your timing belt requirements with one of our experts.

    Timing Belt/Cambelt Replacement Peterborough

    Where to replace my cambelt in Peterborough

    For the best customer service, prices and guarantee on the work have your timing/cambelt replaced at HBM Garage in Peterborough.
    We specialise in replacing VAG timing chains and belts but can help with any model belt in our Peterborough branch.

    What happens if I don’t replace my cambelt

    If you don’t replace your timing g or cambelt on the schedule suggested by your car manufacturer you run the risk of breaking down and causing further damage o your vehicle. Your timing belt is responsible for your engine operation so don’t take any risks with it or you could do further damage to your vehicle. Book into HBM Garage in Peterbrorugh to have your new cambelt fitted or timing chain replaced.

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