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HBM Motor Garage is a local independent garage based in Peterborough. Our professional fully trained car mechanics in Peterborough, specialise in VAG servicing, repairs and maintenance, and are capable of carrying out all car mechanic work to an exceptional level. Our fully qualified technicians and car mechanics have over 8 years of experience in the motor industry. We mostly specialise in German cars particularly the VAG group of models, however, we are able to service and repair other models and makes as well.

HBM Garage - Reliable Car Mechanics in Peterborough

At HBM we have a real passion for delivering exceptional service to our customers. There is no job too big or too small, and we take pride in all of our work.

Our prime objective is to offer quality service and leave customers confident knowing they have made the right choice bringing their vehicle to HBM. You can rest assured that by having your vehicle repaired at HBM Motor garage, it will be executed with great professionalism from our car mechanics for an unbeatable price! Our Peterborough car mechanics are fully qualified, insured and reliable.

We comprise of a dedicated unit of vehicle repair experts and car mechanics with a reputation for their standard of service and friendly, professional approach. A regionally owned car repair garage based in Peterborough, we are fully committed to providing personalized, professional car services and car repairs in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.

Why to choose a Bosch Car Service garage:

  • First class car welding and flywheel replacement service at affordable prices
  • A network of servicing for all makes and models
  • Expert professionals trained on the advanced technologies
  • Upgraded diagnostic equipment to pinpoint faults accurately and quickly
  • Restoration parts of the same standard as the original

Over the years we have enhanced relationships based on exceptional auto repair service, honest and reliable business ethics. For complete car servicing and repairs in Peterborough, Contact Us!

Car Brake Replacement


HBM Motor Garage is a quality car servicing and repairs company in the heart of Peterborough. We acknowledge that in society today people exclusively depend a lot on their cars, and if they collapse, you want the maintenance and repair of your vehicle to be of the highest standard, making certain that your vehicle performs to its highest quality.

HBM Motor Garage is a leading car servicing business, with years of experience in the clutch replacement and vehicle repair in Peterborough, and we believe in offering the highest level of repair and service. So when you require a garage you can depend on, come to us.

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