BMW Differential Replacement or Service in Peterborough

There’s a wide range of BMW differentials designed for different BMW models over the years including the F20, F22, F30 and F32M. Most differentials are not interchangeable between these models so make sure you speak with us at HBM Garage to ensure the right one is fitted. We offer BMW differential repairs in Peterborough for all models to save you from having to replace the entire system.

What are BMW Differentials?

The differential on your BMW compensates for the different speeds between your rear wheels. When going in a straight line the rear wheels will largely move at the same speed. However, when going around corners or bends the outside wheel has to cover more ground. Your BMW differential is what allows and compensates for these fluctuations.

It’s critical to ensure the differential in your BMW is operating correctly to avoid steering issues.

Book your BMW for a Differential Examination or Replacement

Give us a call or use the form below to discuss your BMW differential requirements at our Peterborough Branch.

    Differentials vary between models. The BMW M Performance has a unique limited slip differential which also helps prevent slipping in low traction scenarios. Generally, they are not interchangeable so if you need to replace your differential HBM are here to make sure it’s the right version.

    How much does it cost to replace a differential?

    At HBM we can offer the same price on fitting new differentials as others will offer on second hand or used differential parts. We always recommend going with a new rather than a refurbished product, however, we will always find the best solution for your BMW differential replacement.

    How to tell when the Differential may need replacing?

    While driving listen out for a noise like a whine coming from the rear where the differential bearings are located. A good time to do this is driving the car to a steady speed of 45mph and then coming off the acceleration and listening. While the noise can sometimes be fixed through lubrication, replacing is almost always the best way forward.

    How do I know which model or BMW differential part I need?

    Look for a small metal tag on the rear cover bolts of your BMW. It will have a number on it and the first three numbers will be the ones you need. If the numbers are preceded by the letter ‘s’ it means you have a limited slip diff.

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