Clutch and Flywheel Replacement Peterborough

Clutch/FlyWheel Replacement at our Peterborough GarageWe offer clutch replacement in Peterborough for all vehicles old and new. While we can replace clutches on most car models we specialise in BMW, Audi, VW, Seat and other VAG vehicles clutch replacement.

We are based in Harvester Way, Peterborough and serve the surrounding area. We can usually do same day clutch replacement in Peterborough.

Why do I need to replace my clutch or flywheel?

While two separate parts, the clutch and flywheel work in sync. Both parts can be worn down and will either the flywheel, the clutch or both will need replacing.

When will my flywheel or clutch need replacing?

Unlike timing/cam belts replacing the clutch or flywheel is not usually done on a service schedule. The following signs are often an indicator that it’s time to replace:

  • Gears: slipping or difficulties when you try to change gears while driving.
  • Burning Smell: A burining smell that you can notice from inside the vehicle.
  • Clutch Feedback: Chatter, vibrating, dragging in the clutch.

Book Your Car for FlyWheel or Clutch Replacement or Repairs in Peterborough

Let us know your car make, model, and the works you need carried out by filling in the form below. We offer clutch replacement in Peterborough, just drop your car off at our garage in Harvester Way, Peterborough.

    Where to replace my Clutch or Flywheel in Peterborough

    At HBM Grage in Peterborough, we offer clutch and flywheel replacement in Peterborough for most models at the best prices.

    We do clutch and flywheel replacement in at very competitive prices using original equipment manufacturer parts. We provide 12 months parts and labour guarantee.