BMW Servicing in Peterborough from a BMW Specialist

Clutch/FlyWheel Replacement at our Peterborough GarageHBM Garage has a proud history of servicing BMW’s in Peterborough. Although we offer services for all types of car, we specialise in BMW servicing and have a wealth of experience with all models and ages of BMW cars.

A full BMW service can be more comprehensive than other cars, and requires different work and checks at different service intervals.

How do I know if my BMW needs Servicing?

If you use a BMW service book then you should find a schedule inside. If your car has a BMW in-car infotainment system, such as the IDrive, you may find your service schedule here. Still stuck? If you still can’t find or don’t know your BMW service schedule then just give us a call or come by our garage in Fengate, Peterborough.

Book Your BMW for its Service in Peterborough Today!

Whether your BMW service intervals are based on miles or months, make sure you don’t miss an appointment. If you’re not sure when your next service is due just give us a call or bring your BMW to our garage in Peterborough.

    Why Service your BMW?

    Keeping up with the service schedule for your BMW is essential. In order to keep your car running efficiently and reduce the risk of issues with the engine or associated parts, cars need to be topped up or checked over for issues on a set basis outlined in your service book/system.

    What will happen if I don’t service my BMW?

    If you fail to service or miss a service for your BMW the results can be catastrophic. At best your car may run less efficiently, or you could experience engine failure, which would be extreme;y costly to fix. Make sure you meet your BMW service requirements.

    What does a BMW Service at HBM Peterborough Involve?

    Servicing a BMW at our Peterborough branch will take just a couple of hours. We’ll run various safety checks (similar to BMW MOT checks), top up fluids and liquids such as power steering and engine oil, replace filters and a number of other visual and mechanical checks. There can be different service intervals for your BMW including interim, full, and major services (including cambelt replacement) which these servicing tasks may be spread amongst.

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