Audi Servicing Peterborough

We offer Audi servicing and repairs in Harvester Way, Peterborough.

It’s crucial to meet your Audi service requirements to keep it in good condition and avoid potential issues. HBM Garage offers a comprehensive range of Audi servicing, Audi service plans along with repairs. Just remember to book your Audi into our specialist Peterborough branch when it’s due.

How do I know if my Audi Service is Due?

Most Audis will come with a service book that has a schedule of the type and time a service is due for your model. You can also be notified through myAudi or the Connect plug and play app on your phone. If your not sure when your Audi service is due call us or bring your Audi to our Peterborough branch with the log book.

Book your Audi Service in Peterborough Today

Use the form below to book your Audi for its service at our Peterborough branch.

    How often Do you need to service your Audi?

    The time your service is due on your Audi can vary depending on make, model and age. However, there are usually two types of Audi service requirement known as ‘Fixed’ and ‘Flexible’ which are important not to miss:

    • Fixed is every year or 9000 miles – whichever comes sooner
    • Flexible is every two years or 18,600 miles – whichever comes sooner

    Where to bring my Audi for its Service?

    We are Audi and VAG specialists located in Peterborough offering all types of Audi servicing. You can bring your Audi for its service in Harvester Way, Peterborough, PE1 5UT. Please remember to call first to book your Audi service, or use the form above.