Combined Service and MOT in Peterborough

We are now running an awesome combined service and MOT offer at our branch in Fengate, Peterborough. Not only can we save you costs by combining the two, but for most, it also means you only need to bring your car in once a year instead of making multiple trips!

Book your car for a combined service and MOT in Peterborough Below

Fill in the form below with your make and model and desired date and we’ll let you know the total cost for a combined service and MOT.

How Much will it cost to service and MOT my car in Peterborough?

An MOT price is set by the government at £54.85 (2021) and the car services we offer start from £149.99. By combing the two we can save you costs on your bill, and time as it means you should only need to bring your car once to us during the year. To find out how much a combined service and MOT in Peterborough is use the form above.

Why should I get my car MOT’d and Serviced?

Firstly it’s a legal requirement to have your car MOT’d. It shows your car is roadworthy. Servicing, although not a legal requirement, is a must as it keeps your car in good condition, increase longevity and efficiency and will help prevent future issues with the vehicle. Booking your car in for a combined MOT and service in our Peterborough branch allows us to look at each vehicle more thoroughly ultimately returning a vehicle in healthier shape.

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